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Dropping off artwork

  1. Verify the date and times on the Key Dates page
  2. Read artwork and hanging requirements
  3. Check our location details
  4. Enter through the EAST doors (Hwy 6 side).
  5. Read pickup and drop-off procedures

Is your artwork ready?

1. Artwork Labels

Securely affix a label to the back of the artwork. You can use your own or download our template. The following information must be included:

  • Full name as it appears on your submission entry
  • Phone number we can reach you at
  • Artwork title
  • Artwork medium
  • Artwork size
  • Price or NFS

Make your own label template →

Print off a paper label →

2. Hanging Method

Work MUST be ready to hang with D-rings attached by screws and braided hanging wire. Be sure the D-rings and braided hanging wire are rated and appropriate for the finished weight of your framed artwork – not too heavy for light artwork, not too light for heavy artwork.

Unwired work will not be accepted.

Sawtooth hangers will only be accepted for artworks that are smaller than 10” on its longest side. The art must be light in weight, no more than 100 grams.

Screw-in eyelet hangers can break and are not reliable and will not be accepted.

D-rings should be located one quarter to third of the way down from the top of the artwork. Anything more and the artwork will tilt away from the wall. D-rings should tilt in and upwards at a 45° angle, otherwise it can create a force capable of breaking the hardware.

Wire length should be such that there is some slack. It must not be taut between the D-rings, nor should it be so long that it extends above the artwork.

If a problem is discovered during drop-off and can be remedied on-site, a $10 fee may apply to rewire the piece with D-rings.

Wire must be secure which means a double wrap around the D-ring and twisted for at least 1.5” along the wire, otherwise it can untwist itself causing the artwork to fall damaging the artwork, property, or harming people.

The ends of the wire MUST be enclosed in a small piece of masking tape to prevent damage and for safety reasons. 

See our resources below.

3. Framing

Work should be suitably framed – with the exception of works on stretched canvas if the sides are neatly finished.

Frames must be in good condition without scratches or marks. 

If you are submitting two artworks that would likely be hung together, it is imperative that the frames are identical.

4. Glazing

Glazing – whether it be glass, acrylic, or Plexiglass – must be in good condition with no scratches, cracks, chips, or marks, and it must be clean.

Art at Seven Innovation will make the final decision on the safety and suitability of frames and glazing.

Final Decision

Art at Seven Innovation will make the final decision on the safety and suitability of frames, glazing, and hanging methods.

By submitting your artwork to our Call for Submissions you accept and agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions.


Here are some handy links to information you may find helpful if you are just starting out.


How to wire artwork

Image submissions

Artwork image requirements

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