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Image submission details

The images you provide are important in that they must accurately represent the artwork being submitted. If selected, these images will also be used on our website within the gallery section, so please be sure to crop the image to include only the artwork with no mat, frame, or background. Also ensure there is no glare on the artwork.

Be sure to follow our image submission requirements. If you are unsure of something or have questions, give us a shout and we can help.

At this time, we are only able to accept 2-D work.

Photographing your work
Photographing your work

What you need to know

Adhering to the submission specifications helps the whole process run more smoothly for everyone involved, helps to prevent confusion, and ensures we see your artwork in its best light.

Submission Limit

Artists can submit up to two works.

File Names – IMPORTANT

Please be sure to follow this naming convention. Failing to do so costs an immense amount of time on our part whenever artist files are being managed and referenced.

File names must be named using “title case” and in the following format: LastName-FirstName_Your-Title.jpg

“Title case” uses capital letters for major words, such as the beginning of proper names and titles.

Eg. Smith-Jordan_Seagulls-at-Sunset.jpg

File Format

Image files must be submitted as a JPEG/JPG or PNG.

Image DPI

150 Dots Per Inch.

Image Size

The image should be 1024 pixels on its longest side.

File Size

The image file size should be no more than 2MB.

Image Quality

Image quality is very important. If chosen for the next exhibition, the image you submit will be used in our online gallery. It is important that your artwork is well-represented through the photography of the piece.

Colours in the image should properly represent the colours in the artwork.

No glare on artwork of image.

Crop out mat, frame, and background.


Discreet watermarks are permitted as long as they do not distract from the artwork image or prevent the jurors from being able to properly view your artwork.

By submitting your artwork to our Call for Submissions you accept, and agree to abide by, our Terms and Conditions.

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