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Terms and Conditions

By submitting artwork to our Calls for Submissions, the artist agrees to the terms and conditions as stated below.

Artist(s)” refers to the artist(s) submitting artwork for consideration into the Call for Submission to exhibit in an Art at Seven Innovation exhibition, held at the Hamilton Technology Centre (HTC) in Dundas, Ontario.

AASI” refers to Art at Seven Innovation / Hamilton Technology Centre.

The Artist agrees to hold harmless and indemnify AASI, its officers, agents, and employees from and against any and all actions, suits, damages, liability or other proceedings that may arise as a result of performing duties hereunder.

AASI reserves the right to remove any artwork from the exhibition at any time.

Artwork Submission

A limit of two 2-D artworks per Artist is permitted. The artwork can be of different mediums, however, the Artist accepts that in the event that both are selected, it is possible the artwork may not be hung together.

If a selected artwork undergoes any changes or alterations after submitting, this will put the artwork at risk of refusal should it be deemed to be significant enough by the curators.

The Artist agrees to reserve, and make available, their submitted artwork(s) for the duration of the entire exhibition process once the Call for Submissions closes. The Artist may withdraw submitted artwork(s) up until that time and may resubmit new artwork(s) if that Call for Submissions has not yet closed. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from future exhibitions.

Submissions of artwork with a sociopolitical theme or nudity cannot be considered for inclusion. 

Artwork Originality

Submitted artwork must be the original art made by the Artist and not a copy, derivative, or based on the work of others; nor can it in any way infringe on the copyright of others.

Artist agrees not to submit artwork previously submitted for consideration, whether it was accepted or not.

Selection Process and Notification

The Artist understands that by submitting artwork this is no guarantee of acceptance for the inclusion in the AASI exhibitions. All artworks received for consideration in the exhibition’s open call are referred through a juried process undertaken by volunteers and employees of HTC.

Approximately two weeks after a Call for Submission closes, Artists will be notified by email whether or not they have been selected to be a part of the upcoming exhibition.


The Artist retains full copyright of their artwork.

Rights Granted

The selected Artist grants AASI the right to use submitted artwork images, bio/statement, artwork information details, website, and/or social media usernames on the AASI website for the purpose of displaying accepted exhibition artworks and for promotion of the exhibition and this program.

The selected Artist grants AASI the right to photograph the Artist’s artwork for promotional purposes of the exhibition and this program.


AASI will not publish the Artist’s email address, phone number, or home address on the AASI website.

AASI will publish all, or some, of the following on the AASI website: Selected Artist’s submitted name, bio/statement, artwork information details, selected Artist’s websites, and/or social media usernames.

AASI will publish all, or some, of the following on a wall label accompanying their artwork in the AASI atrium hallways: Selected Artist’s submitted name, bio/statement, artwork information details, Artist website, and/or social media usernames, email address, phone number, and city of residence.

Artwork Sales

Any sales of artwork displayed in the exhibition or on the AASI website will be handled privately between the selected Artist and the buyer.

AASI does not take a commission on artwork sales.

If there is an inquiry regarding the purchase of an artwork, the selected Artist agrees to allow AASI to provide the selected Artist’s phone number and/or email address to the prospective buyer.

If a sale takes place as a result of the artwork being in our exhibition, the selected Artist will notify us of the sale so that we can place a red dot sticker on the artwork label and update our records.

Installation Duration

The selected Artist agrees that the artwork will remain installed at AASI for the duration of the exhibition, whether there is a sale of the artwork or not.

Business Conduct

Artists and guests are asked to maintain a professional decorum while dealing with AASI patrons, tenants, employees, and volunteers.

Artwork Care and Handling

Any wrapping on the artwork must be removed by the selected Artist themselves during the drop-off process. All wrapping materials must be removed from the AASI premises by the selected Artist.

All reasonable care will be taken by AASI employees and volunteers in handling, installing and de-installing the artwork.

Insurance / Damage / Theft

For insurance reasons, artwork with a value exceeding $2000 will not be accepted.

AASI reserves the right to refuse the custody of any works of art that are, in its opinion, not safe or suitable for display.

AASI will not insure artwork during transit to or from AASI premises.

AASI is not responsible for works left on the AASI premises after the designated artwork pickup date.

Insurance does not cover damage incurred by environmental issues or fluctuations.

If it should happen that any artwork becomes damaged while under the care of AASI, the services of a professional art conservator will be retained to assess and repair the damage, or, in some cases, the Artist will be paid the art conservator’s fee to fix the damage themselves.

In the case of irreparable damage, stolen, or lost artwork, the artwork will be covered by insurance through AASI for an amount determined by the AASI insurance company which will take into consideration the selected Artist-stated price or market value of the work, not to exceed $2000.

Artwork Drop-Off / Pickup

Only the selected artworks for which the Artist was notified will be accepted, no substitutions.

The selected Artist is responsible for dropping off their artwork on the specified dates and within the specified hours for the art exhibition for which they have been approved. If you are unable to pick up, or drop off the artwork yourself, download the AASI authorization form, fill it out and send it to us at least 24 hours in advance of the pickup/drop-off date.

Delivery and pickup of the artwork must be made in person and not through a delivery service. AASI will not accept delivery from, nor will it release artwork to, a delivery service. Artwork can only be accepted from, or released to, the Artist or the Artist’s authorized 3rd party, arranged as above. The Artist or that authorized party is required to sign for the artwork.

Any costs incurred in the delivery or picking up of artwork is the sole responsibility of the selected Artist.

Artwork left on the premises after the designated pickup date will be subject to a $10 fee. Artwork that is not picked up within 30 days after the designated pickup date will become the property of AASI to do with it as it determines.


AASI will prepare the exhibition space and will be responsible for the hanging and display of the works of art.

AASI will adhere labels beside the artwork stating some, or all, of the following information: The artist name, bio/statement, phone number, email address, image thumbnail(s), artwork title(s), media, size, and retail price as provided by the Artist through the AASI Call for Submission process.

Curation and arrangement of the submitted artworks is at the discretion of AASI.

Terms And Termination

This agreement shall be in effect from the date upon which the ARTIST has made an artwork submission and shall terminate on date of the return of the artworks. 

In the event that any part of this agreement on the part of the Artist or AASI shall be prevented by a natural phenomenon, physical disability, the acts or regulations of duly constituted public authorities, strike, civil tumult, war, epidemic, interruption or delay of transportation service or other cause beyond their control, each shall be relieved of their obligations hereunder during the period such prevention exists. It is understood and agreed that in such event there shall be no claim for damages by either party to this agreement.

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