Exhibition No. 2


Anita Thomas

Bio / Artist Statement

This work is a reflection on what once was and where it has gone – with a direct connection to my past in the fashion world. What we had was so much: Ever-expanding growth, exploration, experimentation, and the backdrop for delectable expression. Now, as time goes by, and with the current state of the world, my life is fugitive, fading, darkening. A world shredded.

Often in my work I will express the beauty around me, whether through acrylics, encaustics, or photography. But I am also one who looks deep within, all the while absorbing everything that is happening around me. And for this piece, I allowed some of that to be reflected in my work. It is the loss of a beautiful world, an exciting and happy life, a way of being that is no more. Fading memories, fading significance, a loss that no one will know…

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