Exhibition No. 2


Brooke O’Connell

Bio / Artist Statement

I’m a Canadian-American artist who currently lives in Burlington. I graduated from McMaster University earning an Honours degree in Visual Arts. My work is based on travel, nature, and horses.

During my time in university, I was greatly impacted by my experiences travelling in Arizona and British Columbia. Many of my paintings have been a result of the inspiration found in the light and colours of such landscapes.

What begins as a quick watercolour sketch painted on-site while observing the environment, often becomes inspiration for larger oil paintings once back in the studio. Referencing my journals and travel photography as I paint is an integral part of my process. By doing so, I’m submerged into the memory of a specific time and place. My medium of choice is oil because I love its immediacy. I mix colours quickly and apply them as thickly or thinly as desired.

I strive to express the light, energy, and wonder of nature and the places I’ve visited.

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