Exhibition No. 2


Elizabeth Malara-Wieczorek

Bio / Artist Statement

I follow the harmony reflected in the surrounding world.

Studying my subjects, I paint and draw to catch the brief moments, but foremost, to deepen the bond with the source of beauty, truth, and life. I believe it is a responsible mission as an artist to create following my evolving experience and to bring to the audience artwork reflecting my ideas, values, and awe at the beauty of this world.

Master of Arts, Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow, Poland
Devoted to painting from her home studio. Her work is focused on nature, still life, and landscape, often accompanied by the presence of a person who participates in the monumental harmony of the world.
Her artwork is rendered mainly in oil, watercolor, and acrylic technique.
Worked as an art director and graphic designer with the advertising agencies “Del Art” and “ExpoGraphic,” creating illustrations, cover artwork, and designs for publications and books.

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