Exhibition No. 2


Gail Burstyn

Bio / Artist Statement

Gail’s life long fascination with capturing the beauty of the everyday is what compels and drives her current work. As a photographer, she was driven by a desire to ask others, “Do you see what I see?”

In 2017, a serious fall sidelined her for six months. A sudden deterioration of her eyesight, and then Covid, pressed her to find a new means of artistic expression. Isolation became an act of love, and she needed a new way to find the joy she felt when chasing images with a camera.

She now creates with paint on canvas, and has found a way of manipulating and moving paint around, creating colourful abstracts, and a collection of whimsical fantastical creatures, who came to life in their own magical way.

Her paintings reflect the elements of composition, dimension, depth, texture and colour. Most intense her inspiration is still nature and landscapes.

The question, “Do you see what I see?” applies to this medium, as it did to photography.

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