Exhibition No. 2


Patty Lynes

Bio / Artist Statement

Patty is based in Hamilton, painting full-time out of her Cotton Factory studio. Her landscapes convey an impression of place emphasizing form, colour, and light.

Much of her inspiration is found in nature, where she seeks out the silence sitting by the lake at first light, watching the sun rise, and the mist slowly clear. Paddling at low light under an immense ever-changing sky is glorious. Patty began canoe tripping in the 70s and finds this the best way to seek inspiration and solitude.

Working primarily in oils, she paints with loose gestural brushwork to capture the spirit of place. Her paintings strive to encompass in gesture the natural world, especially through the changing light of day. Painting at sunrise of an interior lake or sketching as the sun sets to the quiet and calm are her happy places. Her process begins with field sketches and smaller paintings, translated into larger pieces in the Hamilton studio.

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