Exhibition No. 2


Sherry Hayes

Bio / Artist Statement

As a self-taught artist and having grown up surrounded by wetland forests, I am continually drawn to the splendour of Nature and how every aspect can be encapsulated on canvas.

Now, as I witness the issues surrounding our at-risk species and spaces, I tell ‘their story’ through the stroke of my brush. I bring light to the darkness with paintings that are poignant, bold and provocative.

My ‘Darkness’ series program donates a percentage of proceeds to select wildlife organizations to assist in protecting and preserving Nature. My art and cause have been kindly acknowledged by several wildlife and environmental advocates including David Suzuki, decades-long host of CBC TV’s The Nature of Things.

With such encouraging words, through my art, I continue to raise awareness regarding our fragile Canadian wild species and spaces. I paint for these vulnerable lives and for hard-working wildlife organizations. I honour their commitment with my own. Find the full story at https://www.artscapesbysherry.ca

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