Exhibition No. 1


Jill Birks

Bio / Artist Statement

Jill Birks paints in her home studio in Ancaster, Ontario. She worked as a scenic painter, then muralist with Brian Lorimer and Bill Wrigley. Having painted commissioned work for many years, her work resides in casinos, hotels, restaurants and event spaces: Cirque du Soleil, Rogers Centre and the Toronto Zoo. Her art also adorns the interiors of numerous homes.

She creates spontaneous abstracts with grounded reflections of summers in Ontario, taking inspiration from Earth’s natural power and wonder, calling upon time spent enjoying nature and an awareness that such simplicity is a privilege. Consideration of earth’s limited resources, while humankind continues our exploration (and study) of the universe. Will technology solve these puzzles, or stay the depletion of the planet’s water? Can these truths, fears and questions be ameliorated by abstract paintings? Layering, glazing paint texture and color, adding linework and sometimes scraping through it is a good way to reconnect.

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