Exhibition No. 1


Julian Jolliffe

Bio / Artist Statement

I am best known for my realistic classic pencil drawings of animals. My drawings tend to be done in pencil, but I venture into other mediums such as watercolour or sculpting. I take all of my reference photos from zoos, aquariums, museums and local scenery.

I am born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. I sell prints of my work at the Hamilton Art Crawl. I have also been accepted several times into McMaster Innovation Parks “Art in the Work Place” art gallery for local Hamilton artists. I studied at Sheridan College in the Visual and Creative Arts program.
In my art, the inspiration from the natural world can be clearly seen by incorporating lots of detail and passion to the final piece. My work is about showing the true beauty of nature in a realistic manner.

Because nature is so incredible, I have chosen it to be the centre of my artwork. I prefer to use animals that are very iconic and majestic. My goal is to draw everyone’s favourite scenes of nature from around the world.

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