Exhibition No. 1


Karen Klucowicz

Bio / Artist Statement

Karen Klucowicz is a Canadian, figurative-abstract artist. Her concept-driven art is focused in two series — the first explores the strength of individuals, and the second looks at how that strength affects relationships.

“Figures, a neutrality to those figures, and titles that enable access, are essential to sharing my concepts.” Through colour, form and texture, Klucowicz presents figures that neutralize bias, in positions that express the idea, and then allows the act of painting to dictate the level of abstraction.

While Klucowicz has drawn and painted since her earliest recollections, her creative career began as an interior designer. Years later, she attended the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto and worked in social marketing, returning to fine art full-time in 2016. Her work is held in many private collections internationally. Karen presently has a studio in Hamilton, Ontario, exhibits regularly, and firmly believes all should “Live the power of art.”©

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