Exhibition No. 1


Kenneth Gordon

Bio / Artist Statement

Kenneth has been making art for over 60 years. Having been a high school visual arts teacher for over 25 years he has taught numerous mediums, styles and techniques. His non-representational artworks are inspired by nature and music, whether it be in an acrylic painting or a carved live edge piece of wood.

Each artwork is a time bomb that erupts and splashes its colour and temperament at precisely the right moment and when that happens it is as if a thousand crescendos collide and converge. He has been inspired by artists such as Ali Banisadr, Marchal Mithouard, Wassily Kandinsky and Daphne Odjig.

After retiring from teaching in 2014 he continues to show his work throughout Ontario and gives lectures on art history at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery. He presently lives in the small town of Smithville, Ontario where he lives with his wife and two spoiled cats.

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